One of my favorite things in elementary and middle school was when we’d do candygrams. You could buy a candygram and send it to anyone in the school. At a time in life when you needed a hall pass to be able to travel freely between rooms, there was something super fun about dispatching a treat to a friend across the building without having to even leave the classroom.

Those warm fuzzies inspired me to bring Studiograms to the design studio. I design funny miniature cards and people can fill them out, give me a couple of dollars, and drop the cards in a box for delivery later in the week. On delivery day, I grab a handful of treats, bag them up and attach them to the cards. Then I make deliveries. It’s very exciting to give and to get a Studiogram, let me tell you.

I’ve done them around Valentine’s Day and around Halloween, and they are always popular, because they give people an easy way to thank a manager or teammate (or flirt with someone) in a memorable and tasty way. In fact, once the rest of the building caught wind of the Studiograms, I had requests for deliveries all over.

I use the money to buy coffee for everyone. (Obviously.)