Another classy bathroom self-portrait

I am a grown woman and, yes, I still take self-portraits in the bathroom sometimes.

Welcome! My name is Lindsey Turner. I am a designer/writer/editor/photographer living in Nashville, Tenn. This site is meant to give you an idea of the kinds of things I can do as well as some insight into who I am.

I grew up on a farm in rural West Tennessee. I’ve always been creative and I think I first caught the publishing bug in middle school, when our gifted class put out a little zine called NOW (the New, the Old, and What’s Coming). I took that a leap further in college when I took a gig at the student newspaper. I thought I had aspirations of being an English professor, but my first published story (a hard-hitting exposé on the success of a spirit-fueled Homecoming T-shirt swap) set me off in a new direction. Reporting turned into editing and editing turned into designing. News design sort of hit that sweet spot that let me use creativity to communicate important, sometimes complex ideas.

I lucked out and was hired on at The Commercial Appeal, Memphis’ daily paper, right after graduation. I smoothed out a lot of my rough edges at The Commercial Appeal and got to work with some really great colleagues and mentors who helped me refine my skills and build new ones. Currently I’m working at Gannett’s Design Studio in Nashville as a design team leader, managing a team of eight designers who produce four Southeastern newspapers. It’s a whole different world of newspapering than The Commercial Appeal. Fast-paced and chaotic but also highly creative and collaborative.

When I’m not working, I can probably be found hanging out with my extremely charming toddler, Holden. He has big blue eyes and a big ol’ grin and we are best buds. Currently he is interning for me but he has not yet figured out how I like my coffee.

When I get a moment to myself, you can bet I’m probably working on freelance projects, stocking my Etsy shop, reading, writing, internetting, shooting and processing photos, scritching my cats’ bellies, making art, trying to avoid watching TV and often losing, sipping wine, visiting my family, or exploring.

I blog here, although not as often as I’d like to.

Questions? E-mail me.

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